New dawn for diploma students in school of pharmacy

The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) in January 2018 has approved the MKU Bachelor of Pharmacy Implementation Plan of the Mount Kenya University, School of Pharmacy for students progressing from Diploma in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Technology to the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (The MKU Bachelor of Pharmacy Diploma Entry Programme).

The PPB in approving the implementation plan indicated that it had no objection since the implementation plan was in tandem with the Pharmacy and Poisons Board’s Credit Waiver Policy Guidelines for Progression from Diploma in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Technology to the Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree level which was approved by the PPB in December 2013.

The PPB Credit Waiver Policy developed by the PPB Committee of Experts and Secretariat is a useful tool for universities training the Bachelor of Pharmacy programme in facilitating the progression of Diploma holders in Pharmacy to Bachelor of Pharmacy degree level. The Policy recognises that enrolled Pharmaceutical Technologists (Ordinary Diploma holders) have relevant and necessary experience that demonstrates their appropriateness for entry into the pharmacy degree and subsequent exemptions in some course units. This is because they have undergone certified and experiential learning. The Policy also recognises that the holders of the National Higher Diploma in Pharmacy (HND) have attained more knowledge than Ordinary Diploma holders and hence HND holders may be granted advanced standing by the individual universities after assessment of their academic history.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Diploma Entry) Programme Entry Requirements

  1. The applicant must have studied the Diploma in Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Technology in a PPB Accredited Institution.
  2. The applicant must have satisfied the general criteria for admission into the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology (DPT) programme as per PPB Guidelines. The PPB general criteria minimum requirements for admission into the Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology (DPT) programme are:
    1. K.C.S.E Mean Grade: KCSE Minimum C (Plain) or its equivalent as equated by KNEC;
    2. Must have scored a minimum of C (Plain) in the following four cluster subjects: English or Kiswahili; Chemistry or Physical Science; Biology or Biological Science; Mathematics or Physics.
  3. The applicant must be Enrolled as a Pharmaceutical Technologist by the PPB.

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Diploma Entry) Programme Structure

  • Pharmacy Diploma holders who scored a pass (or a GPA >3.0) in their Diploma programme will not receive any Credit Waivers in the BPharm course hence a minimum course duration of 5 academic years.
  • Diploma Holders who scored a Credit Grade will be considered for Credit Waivers for courses covered during the 1st year of the BPharm Programme and may join the BPharm programme in the second year of study.
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) holders in Pharmacy are granted advanced standing in the BPharm programme (Get Credit waivers in the 1st and 2nd year of study) and may join the BPharm programme in the third year of study.

The course will be run over 4 days per week (Thursday to Sunday) exclusively in the Thika Campus.

Course Assessment will involve: Continuous Assessment Tests, Practicals, Bedside Exam, Oral Exam and End of year examination.


The fees for the programme is Ksh 128,200 per semester


The University is working closely with the Higher Educations Loans Board to ensure the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Diploma Entry) Programme students secure funding through the HELB via the following products:

i)Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB) Continuing Education  (CE) Loan Programme

ii)Higher Educations Loans Board (HELB)Direct Entry Student (DES) Loan

This is a HELB Loan Product that targets salaried students who are able to repay their loans while studying. The loan attracts a small interest of 1% per month and is repayable in 48 months.

This is a HELB Loan Product for students joining public or private universities within the East Africa Community. The loan attracts a very small interest of 4% per annum and students repay the loan at the completion of their studies.

MKU Pay as you Learn (PAYL) Fee Payment Plan

This is an innovative fee payment plan designed and developed by the MKU Finance Department for salaried students or students engaged in business activities who receive a monthly income. The fee payment plan allows the student to pay their fees on an agreed monthly instalment.


The School of Pharmacy is working closely with the Office of the Chief Pharmaceutical Technologist in the Ministry of Health to assist those Pharmaceutical Technologists working in the Ministry of Health who wish to obtain a study leave.